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2 min readMay 31, 2021

STMP™ Certification Program

STMP certification program enables the upwardly-mobile and mid-career HR professionals to get into talent management roles. STMP prepares you for the future of work, which is now. It assures your employers regarding your advanced skills in handling –

· Business landscape

· Workforce dynamics

· HR accountabilities

Candidacy Track of STMP™ Certification Program

There are SIX convenient tracks for HR professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience to get qualified for taking up the STMP. Additionally, the aspiring candidates must possess 5–8 years of experience in any of the HR sub-functions.

STMP: The Learning Resources

As you register for the STMP certification program, you will get –

· The TMI Handbook for Practitioners

· #Talentastic

· Exam preparation guidelines

· Access to the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) and the TMI Body of Knowledge

The Digital Badge

The STMP credential comes with Digital Badge and adds credibility to your online professional presence. Your credential will get validated instantly by those who have allowed to — prospective employers, recruiters, and colleagues. You can showcase your TMI-credential on web pages, social media platforms, and email signatures.

Anywhere-Anytime Learning

STMP certification program, the internationally recognized Talent Management Program suits HR professionals from different learning zones. The certification is designed for the new generation of professionals. It is self-paced and flexible offering opportunities for learning while earning.



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