Grab an Associate Big Data Analyst Certification and Stay Ahead in Your Career

The shortage of big data talent is a major issue an organization is facing today. However, to address the talent gap, many professionals are educating themselves by taking up the associate big data analyst certification programs.

Big data: a great deal for businesses.

Yet there is a disconnect between collecting the relevant data and creating actionable insights for execution.

However, if utilized properly, big data can help organizations solve their business problems. It helps decision-makers leverage data to improve complex business problems. Furthermore, it helps organizations come up with a better approach to deploy effective marketing strategies. Doing so not only influences the customers but helps to generate more leads.

Big data challenge: is it the big data problem or the lack of big data talents?

The amount of data generated over the past years far exceeds the supply of big data analysts.

As Jonathan Shaw, Managing Editor of Harvard Magazine says, it’s not the amount of data that makes it a really big deal, it’s the ability to do something with it.

Given the shortage of big data professionals, online platforms like the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) offers the required pre-requisite for budding big data analysts.

The DASCA’s associate big data analyst certification (ABDA™) program is ideally designed for:

· Fresh graduates and young business-school students with majors in mathematics, economics, statistics, and those looking to make their dream career in the big data world.

DASCA offers credible 3rd party and vendor -neutral certification across the globe and is recognized internationally.

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