Earn SDS Certification to Stay Ahead in Data Science

Data wrangling answers business questions and creates innovative solutions. As a result, business leaders are relying more on data analytics to drive decision-making.

Extracting business value from data requires a combination of technical skills, mathematics, story-telling, analytic, and creative skills. To gain these skills, earning the most-coveted certifications for data science is a great way.

The certifications enable you to develop these skills and gain knowledge that your industry desires. BLS predicts that the jobs in the data science industry will grow 11 percent by 2024. In Glassdoor’s 50 best jobs in America report, data scientist jobs ranked as the best job across the industries based on job openings, salary, and job satisfaction ratings.

Get introduced to one of the most popular certifications, Senior Data Scientist — SDS certification here.

Senior Data Scientist (SDS) certification, provided by Data Science Council of America is designed for professionals with five or more years of work experience in analytics. The participating candidates must know –

· Databases,

· Spreadsheets,

· Statistical analytics,

· R,


· Quantitative methods,

· RDBMS, and

· Object-oriented programming basics

Further, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree as a pre-requisite to apply for the certification program. For more details regarding exams, learning coverage, registration process, and other details, download your proforma here.

Clear your exam, get rewarded with the digitally badges SDS. Add credibility to your profession, get noticed by the industry leaders, and carve your career path as a data scientist.

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