Big Data to the Rescue: Become a Certified Big Data Engineer in 2021 and Beyond

Data is a significant fuel for organizations to deliver accurate and precise business decisions.

Either it’s a small business or a large business, you cannot ignore big data today. Things have changed with time. Data now plays a crucial role in harnessing important information.

With the help of big data, you can now easily understand your customers, their demands, and accordingly plan your business strategy. According to a survey by Deloitte, 49 percent of the people who took the survey said analytics helped improve their decision-making strategy, 16 percent agreed by saying analytics is a key enabler to strategic initiatives, and 10 percent said it improved their relationship with customers and business partners.

“A scientist can discover a new star, but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him,” says Gordon Lindsay Glegg.

This is where the role of a big data engineer gets noticed.

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In simple terms, a big data engineer is responsible for developing, constructing, designing, testing, and maintaining the architecture of a large-scale processing system. They also held responsible for proposing new ideas and ways to improve the quality of the data, its reliability, and the complete efficiency of the system.

The dynamics of data job roles have become such that every data-driven organization is eagerly looking to hire topnotch data engineers.

While data grows at a lightning speed, the value of big data engineers remains a critical asset for most organizations.

As IBM predicts, the number of jobs for big data professionals only in the US is bound to increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000 by end of 2020.

With jobs at risk and the demand for data professionals, a career in big data can keep you safe.

Start learning big data online via credible Big Data Engineer Certification Programs

The pandemic crisis may have emerged as a bane for a few graduates and professionals, however, this can easily be turned around by reskilling and prepping up for a career in big data.

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is an established and world-renowned platform that imparts certification programs ideal for budding big data engineers and senior big data engineers. DASCA aims to meet the market demand for talent in the big data realm by offering the industry’s best learning resources and practical skills required by current employers.

The Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™) certification program by DASCA provides world-class knowledge sharing in various big data disciplines developed around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™).

The DASCA-EKF™ composes of the following study kit –

· Printed ABDE™ Book 1: Essentials of Big Data Programming

· Printed ABDE™ Book 2: Advanced Big Data Programming

· Printed ABDE™ Lab Workbook: Big Data Engineering Lab

· E-Lab for Big Data Engineers to practice

· Online Learning & Preparation Resources

In this era of data, most organizations are specifically looking for highly skilled data professionals. Becoming a certified big data engineer is a sign of credibility that marks the individual’s expertise in big data.

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