Best 5 Data Science Courses in the USA for 2021

As the world resets its button post-pandemic, industries accelerate data adoption in their businesses. Get introduced to the popular data science courses in the US here.

Data science is one of the niche fields in the massive global IT market. As the recovery from the economic lockdown started slowly, companies are reorienting their focus toward larger and longer-term projects. There is a sizable increase in data science jobs from August to September, i.e., 11% increase in data scientist occupation, Dice reports.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the data science field will grow about 28% through 2026. While universities have expanded their data science curricula for students looking forward to taking up a data science career, there are certain data science courses too in favor of working professionals. Data scientists looking to excel in the market need can update their data science skills apart from a solid understanding of the basics.

Keeping the skills up to date will maximize the earning potential. The USA is home to several prestigious institutes and colleges. The courses offered in these colleges help you to get acquainted with the skills necessary for gathering and analyzing humongous data and making insightful decisions.

Let us understand some of the top courses available in the United States here, that will help you flourish in your data science career in the year 2021.

New York University, New York

New York, the prestigious private university in America provides various data science courses for undergraduate and Masters program such as Masters in Data Science, Major/Minor in Data Science, Joint majors, and Data science for everyone programs. The courses are available both online and on-campus as well.


Data Science University, Columbia

The University offers an in-depth curriculum on data science. They provide a Master’s program, Ph.D. program, and certification courses in data science as well. A few of them include Masters in Data Science, Ph.D. specializations in Data Science, and Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science.

Berkeley Global

Berkeley provides several online courses that help professionals to gain employable skills in data science. They also offer courses at different times so that participants can attend in whatever time zone they are in. The participants can interact with professionals from different countries and industries as well. Further, there is a three-month remote internship program at San Francisco or Silicon Valley company.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Being ranked as one of the best institutes in engineering and technology, the institute offers research opportunities to its students. The MS in Analytics data certification includes three concentrations such as Analytics tools, Computational data analytics, and business analytics.


Henry Harvin Education

The data science courses available here are specifically designed for job assistance and virtual support. A few of the courses include Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, Machine Learning with R / Python, and data visualization.


Apart from this, there are popular certifying bodies that provide unique data science certifications in the select domain. One among them is that of the Data Science Council of America [DASCA].

DASCA certifications are fit for both working data science professionals and learning students as well. The programs work toward developing high-quality professionals who can address the challenging expectations of stakeholders at the international level.

DASCA equips universities and institutions with the infrastructure and knowledge to facilitate students in acquiring DASCA’s big analytics and big data engineering — the best data science certification programs during their college or university years. The programs prepare the students for campus recruitment drives from global companies.


In brief, the data science courses are offered as a Master’s program that takes one or two years to graduate from various universities or as certifications through credentialing bodies. After graduation, students may have to choose a domain to specialize such as cloud computing, database management, data visualization, data engineering, and data mining.

The courses and programs offered by universities differ from one another. Yet, the most popular and useful programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, Scala, C, Java, and others are common and basics in many of the courses. You may have to take classes in advanced data analytics, deep learning, strategy and business models, information retrieval, etc. Also, honing skills like creative thinking to communication, teamwork, attention to detail, problem-solving, and analytical mindset is needed to be a successful data science professional in 2021.

As more and more organizations rely on data insights and technology, it is necessary to gain a competitive edge for a marketable position in the industry.

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