The area of data analytics is emerging rapidly. In the past few years, the rising interest in various technologies like big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in high demand for data analysts and scientists.

Many people whose goal is to accomplish more in their…

STMP™ Certification Program

STMP certification program enables the upwardly-mobile and mid-career HR professionals to get into talent management roles. STMP prepares you for the future of work, which is now. It assures your employers regarding your advanced skills in handling –

· Business landscape

· Workforce dynamics

· HR accountabilities

Candidacy Track of STMP™ Certification Program

There are SIX

Senior big data engineer certification helps to obtain a newer and deeper insight into their organizational data. Gain updated skills with this certification to stay in the race.

Data engineering stays at the frontline of the data strategy in an organization. It helps to find creative and insightful solutions for the organization’s data. It deals with the application of science and technology, handles data problems, and processes bottlenecks.

The demand for data engineers has grown by 38% in…

Prove your expertise, potential, and talent to hold bigger responsibilities of an organization like Data Scientist with Senior Data Scientist — SDS Certification.

Data Science related job positions have been the trend in the tech job market during the last two years and the demand is growing further at a faster rate. Data science, by definition, is not a single discipline but is a multi-disciplinary subject. …

The shortage of big data talent is a major issue an organization is facing today. However, to address the talent gap, many professionals are educating themselves by taking up the associate big data analyst certification programs.

Big data: a great deal for businesses.

Yet there is a disconnect between collecting the relevant data and creating actionable insights for execution.

However, if utilized properly, big data can help organizations solve their business problems. It helps decision-makers leverage data to improve complex business problems. Furthermore, it helps organizations…

Do you see yourself in the role as mentioned below in the near future?

· Support Hadoop and modern data environments

· Setup infrastructure, install software and look after all the process up to maintenance

· Identify third-party tools and manage Spark

· Involve in technical investigations and prototypes


The demand for data scientists is growing in every industry as business leaders are determined to realize the benefits of data. …

Data is a significant fuel for organizations to deliver accurate and precise business decisions.

Either it’s a small business or a large business, you cannot ignore big data today. Things have changed with time. Data now plays a crucial role in harnessing important information.

With the help of big data…

Learning data science can be sometimes a scary thing for those who are starting fresh. Data Science has been booming in the current tech industry. One will have innumerable questions in their mind before taking up a career in data science.

One needs clear insights on the basic Data Science…

Data wrangling answers business questions and creates innovative solutions. As a result, business leaders are relying more on data analytics to drive decision-making.

Extracting business value from data requires a combination of technical skills, mathematics, story-telling, analytic, and creative skills. …

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